Chevice is a Latin-American recipe where raw fish get to marinate in sitrus juice, mainly lime and lemon. The semi-firm consistence of salted, cured cod makes it work very well in a Ceviche. It can be eaten as a starter or main course, depending what is served with it. It can look quite beautiful as an apertizer for your next dinner party.

Serves 4
20 – 40 minutes
Not too tricky


250 g cod loins, Terra do Bacalhau
40 g red bell pepper
40 g bell green pepper
40 g bell yellow pepper
50 g lime
50 g red onion
5 g chili pepper, finely chopped
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Eggplant, shredded
Olive oil, extra virgin

How to:

  • Soak the codfish according to instruction. At the end of the soaking time you could take a knife and taste some fibers from the thickest part of the cod loin. It should have a mild and pleasant salt taste. If it is too salty, then it needs to soak more. Take off the skin of the loin and cut it into cubes, approximately 1 cm.
  • Next, finely chop the bell pepper and finely slice the red onion and gently mix with the cod.
  • Taste with lime juice, chili pepper, salt and pepper. Finally, season with olive oil and top it off with shredded eggplant.
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