Who can resist a steaming hot broth based soup? This soup, called canja, is a popular Portuguese, Cap Verdian and Brasilian favourite, often based on chicken and rice but also made with codfish and rice. The soup contains few ingredients and is therefore easy to make. The recipe really brings out the flavour of the raw material you use so make sure to only use prime quality.


1 codfish loin, Terra do Bacalhau
120 g codfish tail, Terra do Bacalhau
400 g cockles (rinsed)
0,5 dl  olive oil
4 mint leaves
1 Tbs rice, preferably Carolino
Sea salt, to taste

How to:

Always soak the cod before use according to the instructions. Bring a pan filled with water to a boil, add some olive oil and simmer the codfish loin and tail for 10 minutes. scoop up the fish and set aside, then add the rice to the fish broth and let it cook for 10 minutes.  Use your fingers to flake the fish in delicate flakes. When the rice is ready, add the cockles and season with salt and chopped mint. When the cockles just have opened, turn off the heat, serve the soup in bowls and garnish each bowl with codfish flakes.

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