A unique taste developed through generations

Blæst AS is an enterprise firmly rooted in Northern Norway. We specialize in products based on seafood of the finest quality to a customer base in Portugal. Our most renowned product, cured codfish of the highest quality, is sold under the label “Terra do Bacalhau”.

We are in close dialogue with our producers to create cured, salted codfish of prime quality, valued by gourmets, star chefs and ordinary people who want a little extra for a special occasion. We are proud to be able to offer a clean, natural product from a sustainable cod source in the Barents Sea.  The basis for such fine quality comes from the cold, clear waters of Northern Norway. Our cured cod contains just two natural ingredients: salt and Norwegian cod, and exists in two degrees of matureness: 3 months and 9 months. Because of the maturing process the colour is a delicate straw yellow and has a slightly matured taste that is somehow reminiscent of a matured ham. The result is a fish that can be used on special occasions or when you simply want to eat something extra tasty. One of our unalterable principles is to always be strict on our quality control standards.


We are offering

Our products are offered through the brand “Terra do Bacalhau”. To ensure that the dried, cured cod pass the test and become part of our selection it needs to have been caught by line from local boats, manufactured by hand and eventually matured solely in salt for a minimum of 9 months. We only choose the best, in fact just 30% of the cod caught achieves selection for our brand.

Because of this rigorous quality control our salted, cured cod is only available in limited edition. The raw material is Norwegian cod, Gadus Morua, that comes from the cold, clear waters from the Barents sea and swims to the Lofoten islands during spawn season. The cod is caught between January and March, which is the time of year when the fish obtain its unique characteristics. Only the cod with the finest quality is then selected and offered through our brand “Terra do Bacalhau”.

Our cod is sold through our online store throughout the EU countries. Within Portugal it is sold through our own shop at Mercado da Ribeira (Timeout market Lisboa), and through the supermarket chains Continente and cash and carry Makro.

Inspiration to the top chefs

Versatility, profitability, good taste and a pure product guaranteed. The best chefs in Portugal have been inspired by our dried, cured cod as a creative ingredient for a long time.

The famous Portuguese chefs Vítor Sobral and Hélio Loureiro prefer dried, salted cod from Terra do Bacalhau when they are preparing their codfish dishes, and deliver their clients taste experiences that only the best salted, cured cod can deliver.

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