A unique selection from a star chef

Selection Vítor Sobral is a salted, cured cod with unique qualities that has the stamp of approval from Terra do Bacalhau.

Renowned as someone that always chooses the best raw materials when preparing his recipes, Vítor Sobral has chosen a limited quantity of the best salted, cured cod that is available during his trip to Norway.

The cod that is used in Terra do Bacalhau dried, salted cod is fished by line between January and March, then cured exclusively in salt for 9 months before being dried.

Renowned chef Vitor Sobral is an important point of reference in Portuguese gastronomy. He is famous for his unique interpretation and modernization of traditional, typical Portuguese dishes.

He was born south of the river Tejo, and his culinary roots are firmly planted in the coast of Alentejo. His life and his talent has brought him through world famous restaurants to his current flagships Tasca da Esquina and Peixaria da Esquina in Lisbon. These two points of reference are where the essence of Portugal is served on a plate with a good dose of inspiration and innovation. Tasca da Esquina has also opened a branch in São Paulo in Brazil and in Luanda, Angola (Kitanda da Esquina).

Vitor Sobral has received great acknowledgement for his contribution, his gift and his talent, and  in March 2006 was honoured the distinction of a commander of the order of Infante D. Henrique (Henry the seafarer). He has contributed with his knowledge as a gastronomic consultant for The Norwegian Seafood Council, and well-known Portuguese brands such as TAP (flights), Vista Alegre (porcelain), Silampos (kitchen utilities), Oliveira da Serra (olive oil), and Paulo Laureano (wine).

In addition to all this he shows an enormous will and wish to share his knowledge, whether it is in the form of courses or written books, as witnessed in his publication of a recipe book with 500 recipes of salted, cured cod, in collaboration with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

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