A salted, cured cod with heritage, chosen by a connoisseur.

The strictest rules apply when Hélio Loureiro, the chef for the Portuguese national football team, chooses the raw materials for his cooking, and he always chooses the best Norwegian salted, dried cod.

Selecção Hélio Loureiro is a limited edition of salted, cured Norwegian cod, based on cod that the chef has chosen during his travels to Northern Norway.

Discover a cod with Norwegian origin, manufactured by hand, from fresh to salted and dried, and cured for 9 months. The content is cod and salt only.

Get to know chef Hélio Loureiro

Born in Porto, Hélio Loureiro is an indispensable figure in Portuguese gastronomy. He has a background as head chef at Hotel Porto Palacio, participiates in numerous Portuguese TV shows, and as a chef for the Portuguese National team, where he prepares cured cod for Ronaldo himself.

He has trail blazed the promotion of Portuguese cuisine at events around the world. He has been awarded his fair share of prizes and distinctions,  one such highlight was receiving the officer’s degree of the Order of Merit, presented by former president Sampaio. He has published 14 cook books.

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