Shredded cod 9 months cured in salt (sack of 5 kg, 18.99€/kg))


We take pride in choosing only the best cod for our products, with premium quality and from sustainable fisheries.

The versatile shredded cod, without skin and bone, with a traditional 9 months cure in marine salt. Perfect for delicious recipes with the genuine Norwegian Cod (Bacalhau), manufactured by hand.



Shredded cod 9 months cured in salt (sack of 5 kg)

Shredded cod from Terra do Bacalhau is a very practical and tasty product. It is used in a variety of Portuguese recipe, and only requires a soaking time of around 12 hours. You can start soaking in the morning and it will be ready before dinner time.

The codfish used in this product is from the same quality as the rest of our range: 9 months cured, from cod “Gadus Morua” caught in Norway from sustainable fisheries.


Cumin tempered cod, creamy cod bake (bacalhau com natas), salted cod fritters, Bacalhau à Brás (Portuguese salt cod, egg and fried potato scramble)

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Weight 5.2 kg