Bacalhau wine from Paulo Laureano – Red (13,15€/unit)


Finally we had a response to the question “What is the best wine to pair with dishes with salted, cured cod?”, and we can now offer an unique wine.

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Developed by the renowned oenologist Paulo Laureano, this wine is a very special project, created with the objective in mind to find the perfect match to cured, salted codfish, which after all, is the favourite ingredient of Portuguese cuisine.

Paulo Laureano gathered chefs, jornalists, sommeliers and friends of Portuguese cuisine, from Brazil to Norway, to help with finding the perfect pairing.

Finally we had two winning wines, one white and one red. The grapes are exclusively Portuguese and together with the cod from the cold, clear waters of Norway, manufactured by hand and cured in salt for 9 months, the result has become “probably the best wine in the world to pair with Portuguese codfish dishes”.

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White, Red

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