What is Terra do Bacalhau

Terra do Bacalhau is a limited selection of Norwegian salted, cured cod, originating from the cold, clear waters of Northern Norway, and selected through strict quality criteria.

The cod used in Terra do Bacalhau is caught between January and March, the period when the fish is at its best.

All of the cured cod sold under the brand Terra do Bacalhau is made from fresh raw material of cod, gadus morua, and then cured in salt for 9 months.

Choosing the quality of Terra do Bacalhau guarantees that the cod will flake perfectly when served – like only true cured cod does.

How to soak

Salt cod is dried, salted cod that needs to be re-hydrated and de-salted before use. The time to soak ready-to-cook cured cod depends which part of the fish you are soaking and also its size. There are however some general tips on how to soak your cod perfectly ready-to-cook.

  • Rinse superfluous salt off from the fish by running cold tap water over the fish.
  • Place the fish in a container that goes into the refrigerator. The fish skin should be facing up.
  • Change the water every 24 hours, always with cold water.


Tips: Whole, cut fish

Recommended soaking time is 3 to 4 days. In the mean time check the thinnest parts, with around 1 cm thickness, by tasting them. Take them out if they are done, and leave the thickest pieces to soak the whole time.


Tips: Cured shredded cod “desfiado”, tongues and swim bladder.

Rinse in cold water, then leave to soak in cold water between 12 and 15 hours. The fish can be prepared immediately.


Tips: CodBag

  • Unscrew the cap, tear off the safety protection and fill the Codbag with cold water up to the indicated mark.
  • Screw the cork and place in the refrigerator.
  • Change the water every 24 hours.

Soaking time Codbag:

CodBag loins, with or without loins: 3 to 4 days

CodBag Shredded “Desfiado”: 12 to 24 hours.


Why Soak

More weight, more recipes

When the cod is soaked it normally draws water at the same time as it is letting out salt, and thereby increases the weight by up to 30%*.

A real cured cod can easily be recognized from fresh cod because cured cod, when soaked, will get a looser fiber structure and, therefore, obtain the delicate and sought after flaking of the fish meat.

*Study made by NOFIMA – www.nofima.com

The importance of a good cure
To get the best quality it is important that cured cod from Terra do Bacalhau is cured in salt for 9 months. This ensures the cod obtains a unique, cured taste, a light straw yellow colour and flakes perfectly after preparation.
How to store

Cured cod in its dry state should be stored in the packaging in a cool, dark place (between 0- 7ºC).

After the fish is soaked, it should be prepared immediately or stored in the freezer. Dried cured cod should not be stored in the freezer.

Where do we ship?

Realizamos entregas para os seguintes países da Comunidade Europeia:

Portugal, Spain (mainland), Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria

Os nossos itens serão transportados pela Chronopost. Após a sua encomenda será informado dos tempos de entrega, sendo que em média rondam os 2-4 dias úteis dependendo do seu destino.


Cost and shipping timings
Country / Zone Delivery 0 – 3 Kg 3 – 5 Kg 5 – 10 Kg 10 – 20 Kg 20 – 30 Kg
Portugal 2-3 days 3,68 € 4,10 € 4,62 € 5,25 € 6,09 €
Spain (mainland) 2-3 days 12,84 € 13,99 € 18,65 € 24,50 € 35,37 €
Zone 1 4-5 days 13,04 € 17,37 € 18,43 € 20,56 € 26,87 €
Zone 2 5-6 days 13,49 € 19,19 € 20,80 € 23,19 € 32,10 €
Zone 3 4-5 days 13,72 € 19,53 € 20,75 € 23,60 € 31,07 €
Zone 4 6-7 days 15,39 € 22,41 € 23,82 € 26,15 € 35,19 €
Zone 5 6-8 days 18,74 € 27,02 € 29,27 € 32,65 € 40,76 €
Zone 6 6-7 days 18,74 € 27,02 € 29,27 € 32,65 € 40,76 €

Zone 1 – Germany
Zone 2 – Poland, Czech Republic
Zone 3 – France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria
Zone 4 – Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary
Zone 5 – Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia
Zone 6 – Finland, Romania, Bulgaria


Returns for change of mind

If you decide to return your order because you have changed your mind you have the opportunity to do so within 8 days of receiving the product. You must pay the delivery charge and the cost of return. You must return the parcel in its original condition without having broken the seal.

Return for faulty product/mistake/or in bad condition.

We would be very sorry if any item deteriorates during transport or that we have made a mistake in packing. Please let us know the circumstances and return the product safely packed in plastic. We will refund the cost of the item and the return postage cost, or will send you a replacement without any extra charge once we have solved the problem.

Return address

Rua José M Vinhais 49
2830-466 Palhais – Portugal

Customer service

Contact us through: info@terradobacalhau.pt